Tokenization of SMEs

Multi Trillion Dollar Market

Introducing Block Stock Liquid Tokens:

Security Token Sale Platform and Trusted Marketplace for SMEs

The Liquid Stocks Protocol

Small and Medium Enterprise issues equity with all corporate rights including dividends


Block Stocks Swiss AG tokenizes SME’s equity into SME Security Tokens
Verify our company in the  official Swiss register.


Investors buy tokens on our Token Sale Platform or trade with each other on our Digital Token Exchange


Verify our company in the official Swiss register

Continuous Payouts for Block Stocks Token Holders

Block Stocks Token Holders benefit from each SME Token Sale on the platform.

SMEs conduct token sale

on Block Stocks platform

Block Stocks provides a turn key service in creating tokenized securities offerings for SMEs. From marketing, legal, finance and IT — all execution is provided in-house so owners can focus on what they are best at.

SMEs pay a success fee up to 5% tokens

that have claim on equity and dividends

Up to 5% of all SME Security Tokens listed on our platform will be bundled within Block Stocks investment vehicle belonging solely to Block Stocks Token Holders. BSTs will represent claims on equity and dividends of all past, present and future SMEs raising capital on our platform.

Continuous cash payouts

Unlock the power of SMEs!

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Once each successful fundraising on the platform is accomplished, Block Stocks Token Holders will receive cash payouts in the amount up to 5% of the funds raised.

Unique Block Stocks tokens

Investment in thousands of businesses

All Block Stocks Token Holders will receive annual dividends paid out by thousands of SMEs quoted on our platform. Why would you invest in one business... when you can invest in thousands of ventures?

The Multi Trillion Euro Industry of European SMEs

millions of SMEs


of all businesses in the EU


working force


of the total economic output

percentage points outperformance relative to classic stocks

… almost perfect industry which suffers from one thing —

lack of fundraising.

Meet Our Team

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Martin Wos
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

German Fortune 100 Engineer focused on automation and security

  • Engineering, automation,
  • Cryptocurrency investments
  • Visionary, international strategy
Estefano Elhawary
Co-Founder & Co-CEO

Direct Marketing Strategist

  • Biggest YouTube advertiser on German market,
  • Scalable performance marketing campaigns,
  • Mass customer acquisition
Leif-Nissen Lundbæk,PHD
Chief Technology Partner

Founder of Xain @ Oxford University,
responsible for technical implementation

  • Blockchain technology, computing, software
  • Engineering, mathematics, artificial intelligence

Legal Advisors

Reto Luthiger, PhD

Reto Luthiger is a senior associate in the MLL’s banking & finance team. He advises and represents clients in financial markets regulatory and civil law matters and proceedings.

Samuel Ljubicic, LL.M.

Samuel Ljubicic is a partner of MLL’s corporate & finance department and specializes in corporate law, M&A, banking and finance and capital markets.

Alexander Vogel, PhD

Alexander Vogel heads MLL’s corporate & finance department.

He specialises in complex cross-border M&A and finance transactions.

Tobias Weber

Tobias Weber is a junior associate in the firm’s Zurich office. He assists partners and associates on a wide range of legal issues.

Ülkü Cibik

Ülkü Cibik is a senior associate in the firm’s banking & finance team. She focuses on financial markets and banking law, financial services regulation as well as corporate and commercial law.

The Groundbreaking Technology

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What is Liquid Stocks Protocol?

explained by Leif-Nissen Lundbæk, PHD

The IT Rockstars

One of many live blockchain projects which have been implemented by Xain, our IT Team

Blockchain Consulting & Technology Partner

The XAIN IT Team which is the official Block Stocks technology partner has successfully developed and implemented blockchain projects for and partnered with industry giants like:

  • Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
  • DHL
  • Porsche
  • Hasso Plattner Institut
  • Snaptrust
  • Techboost Startup
  • NVIDIA Inception Program
  • Volkswagen
  • Medixain
  • Bigchain DB
  • Simple token
  • Trusted IoT Alliance


Blonde 2.0 is an award-winning global PR agency

With 30 professionals is one of the leading forces in PR for Blockchain and Crypto, startups, enterprises, VCs such as:


2018 Q1

Liquid Stocks Protocol — MVP of equity tokenization technology

2018 Q3

Block Stocks token sale as the first fundraising on our platform

2019 Q1

First 100MM EUR raised on the platform

2017 Q4

Seed investment in the amount of 1 million EUR

2018 Q2

Defining our legal structure and compliance

2018 Q4

First SMEs are being onboarded on a token sale platform

2019 Q2

Digital token marketplace goes live

2017 Q4

Seed investment in the amount of 1MM EUR

2018 Q1

Liquid Stocks Protocol — MVP of equity tokenization technology

2018 Q2

Defining our legal structure and compliance

2018 Q3

Block Stocks token sale as the first fundraising on our platform

2018 Q4

First SMEs are being onboarded on a token sale platform

2019 Q1

First 100 mln EUR raised on the platform

2019 Q2

Digital token marketplace goes live


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